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The Ascended is a name spoken with a great deal of meaning amongst some people, we are a collection of friends who gamed together for some time, some for over 5 years, most of us met in WoW, we have dabbled in other games together since then, Guild Wars, DC Universe, League of Legends to name a few. Over this time we have learned a great deal about how to foster manage and grow a gaming community. We have learned that the best way to ensure a successful and long lasting community is to ensure that it is a fun place to be, based on friendship and a social etiquette that promotes encourages and requires respect, and humour.

To this end we believe in the following.

- The Online world is on an emotional level often as important as the offline world to people, to this end we will always endeavour to make the Guild a second home for its members. Since this guild will be a second home shared between many there will be a few rules, but they will mostly fall under the common sense bracket.

- That Fun is subjective and that in the pursuit of fun some people will occasionally step out of line, this is to be expected but it is also to be dealt with swiftly. This guild is not a place for Dramas or for you to express latent frustrations, it is a place to be with and make new friends in the virtual world. We encourage banter, humour, jokes and outright insults BUT they must be given and received in good nature and done between friends. If you come here you come here to laugh and smile to take part in a social environment that we hope will enrich your gaming experience as a whole.

- That being in a guild is a choice you make for your self but that once in that guild it is a choice you make for everyone. This means that you join for your own reasons, and may also end up leaving for them, but while you are here we expect you to act in a manner according with our principles, and that while we understand you might not like everyone in the guild you will make an effort to be at least civil if nothing else. The guild is here to make the social element of the MMO enjoyable, it is not here to babysit or wet nurse people. That said we do take a great deal of interest in our members and you can be sure that the officers will work hard to ensure our end game activities are successful and efficient.

- When the activity calls for it, our approach will be measured, professional serious and successful. This means that if the endgame activities call for an old school raiding mentality then that is what will be expected of that portion of the guild. If we raid we raid to succeed, if we PvP we fight to win, if the endeavour is a meaningful one then we will use what ever tools are available to ensure it is successful.

- The primary bond of the guild the glue of the unit is formed of social connections. This means that while we will maintain the endgame presence as our primary purpose, the guild is also open to social members, friends of members, family of members. Providing they act in a way that is not disruptive of others enjoyment.

- There is always time. One of the most important aspects of our previous guilds was that people took time out to play the game with each other and enjoy each others company. That is our primary focus, there is always time, while we all have days where we wish to be left alone to slaughter mobs and creeps, we encourage members to take the time to socialise and integrate with the guild. Activities are setup to encourage this and the guild management will keep a constant eye on the forums and in game to ensure that the guild functions in the manner fitting this vision. It also means that when you wish to do something and it does not come immediately to pass that there is always time for you to try again, remember that people play here for fun and relaxation and sometimes they have their own agenda for the day.

- Every Playstyle is a valid one, while we focus on end game PvE we encourage our members to take part in all aspects of the game and to explore their character as an expression of them selves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a Private message.

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